Fishbowl Labs, Paleo Food and the Beekeeper Group

The big news I broke this week was that Fishbowl Labs, a cool business incubator space out in Ashburn, Va., is making changes all over the place. Though Lauren and Paul were mum on who is “moving on,” the new guidelines should provide a solid foundation for making sure whichever startups do land in the Fishbowl provide some sort of benefit to AOL (see: “cultural ROI”). I can say that Lauren called mHelpDesk “bootstrapped and badass,” which leads me to believe they might be staying put if they want to. AOL doesn’t take equity in return for letting you incubate your company there, and how much fun would it be to play in that QA lab for an hour?

I’ve been doing the paleo thing for a while now, so when I met Patrick Smith at Mindshare a few months ago, and he told me about Power Supply, I was interested in learning more about it. Would that I had extra dough to drop on chef-made paleo lunches! Power Supply just rolled out a new ordering system and has teamed up with Mindful Chef. Jeff Kelley cofounded Mindful Chef after running Eat Wonky, a aptly named food truck for the D.C. area. Did anyone ever try it?

Finally, the Beekeeper Group let me in on their buzz: growth and new hires. Shana Glickfield also heads up the Awesome Foundation, which I’d like to learn more about. And I didn’t have room in the article to talk about this cool pro bono project that Beekeeper is doing with the D.C. Public Library–they’re crowdsourcing references to the District in fiction. Want to help? Read about it here.


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