Hobnobbing with angels

This is allegedly a half week, or light week, over at Elevation, but I’m chasing down two finicky stories that are proving somewhat difficult to get. Like nailing jello to the wall, to use a tired cliche. As a result, I’m spending a lot of time in the old desk chair, waiting for my phone to ring or for an email to pop up in one of my many inboxes. So I have a few minutes to blog and update on the latest and greatest to rock the INJ (innovation and job news) world this week.

First, I learned something new on background from a story I wrote about Georgetown Angels. Three separate sources told me that “angels like to invest in their own backyards.” This is to keep an eye on their investments and lend a hand if the companies they have invested in need help. Venture capitalists, on the other hand, invest all over the map. I realize that I should, in the words of my 10th grade English teacher, “never make absolute statements,” so I am sure there are exceptions–angels who invest broadly and VCs who like to keep their capital close to home. Joshua Siegel, one of the principals with Georgetown Angels, is looking for people to join the angel group he started with Andrew Romans. The pair are holding a pitch event at 1776 in September; I’ve got a link for discounted tickets to the event.

On a completely different note, Shavanna Miller is getting ready to launch Bloompop, a very cool sounding online floral marketplace. If you’ve ever struggled with wanting to buy flowers locally but needing the ease of ordering online, Shavanna’s your girl. She’s initially launching only in the District, but has her eye on other cities. The site allows you to create a profile and save “favorite” arrangements, and it will integrate with social media. So when Facebook tells you it’s my birthday, feel free to send me some white roses. 🙂

Finally, Rebecca Horton and Catherine Woodiwiss’s company, Trestles, is getting ready for an official launch. Trestles is a creative agency that helps individuals and businesses problem solve by using design strategies and cross-sector teams. They’re kicking off with a workshop at Canvas Co/work tomorrow night at 6 p.m. It’s free, but space is limited.

Finally, mark your calendars for the next …in the City event sponsored by Elevation DC. This quarter we’re talking Transportation in the City on September 25 at 1776. Donna Harris is a confirmed panelist. If you are a transportation startup and want to exhibit at the event, hit Rachel Kaufman up and let her know.


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