It’s spring!

And that means it’s time for an update!

For many students, spring means standardized testing. No one likes it, but many see it as a necessary evil in our public education system. Are Common Core tests (currently in pilot stage) any better than previous iterations? I wrote a piece for Greater Greater Education on the topic.

At Elevation, we launched a new series called “60 Seconds With…,” wherein I get to do a quick interview with different founders in our D.C. startup ecosystem. There are five in the series so far:

Elizabeth Shea, founder of Speakerbox Communications

Shahab Kaviani, founder of CoFoundersLab

Carla Valdes, founder of Handpressions

Donna Harris, cofounder of 1776

Paul Singh, founder of Disruption Corp

And just for fun, Elizabeth turned the tables and interview me for her company’s blog, Ask the Influencer. That was amusing.

Another piece of which I’m particularly proud, and which continues to trend on Elevation, is the Top Ten Startups in D.C. Our publication is not going all Buzzfeed on our readers, even though people seem to love those lists and quizzes. As a transplant to the city, I enjoyed researching this article, as I got to know more about some of the veritable institutions that are woven into the fabric of the area. There are parallels among cities; reading about Woodie’s reminded me of shopping in Shillito’s in downtown Cincinnati as a teen, and though Hot Shoppes is long gone, it certainly brought the modern-day Aglamesis experience to mind (or Farrell’s, which, interestingly, was bought by Marriott).

My roots are showing! It’s time to sign off.



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