Spring 2015

I’ve been able to cover more features over at Elevation DC, so I’m posting some of them here. Enjoy! It’s always hard when I overinterview and can’t include everything in the articles I write. I had some great insight from the Virginia¬†Cyber Security Commission that just wouldn’t fit in my allotted space, so it had to be cut. The interviews provided some keen insight into what the state governments are doing to beef up cybersecurity from within the government itself. Rear Admiral Bob Day and I talked about education–providing a pipeline of people qualified to fill cybersecurity jobs both within the Commonwealth and within the country–as one solution.

The Cyber Beltway: the startups tackling 2015’s biggest challenge

I also went behind the scenes at Union Kitchen for a peek at Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist’s new space in Ivy City:

Behind the success of DC’s unstoppable food incubator, Union Kitchen

And last, but definitely not least, I wrote a comprehensive “Where Are They Now?” update to what’s been happening in StartupLand:

A year after Startupland, where are the founders now?

For a comprehensive look at all of my clips, head on over to Elevation DC and visit the Innovation and Job News channel. That’s my regular beat.

Happy Spring!